Life Innovation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Our company is based in Thailand and Techno Shinsei Co., Ltd., is located in Akashi City in Japan, and is a manufacturer of heart and soul products. We specialize in recognizing the value of products that steer us in the right direction. We supply innovative health products that encourage everyone to have better health within the rapidly changing and fast-paced lifestyle of our society because we believe that “health is the most precious thing in life” for everyone.

Our company plans to expand its business both domestically and internationally by establishing a subsidiary company to import products and distribute these products throughout the world. Our marketing plan is to distribute our products through many distribution channels and dealers

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LIFE INNOVATION (THAILAND) CO., LTD., is now a uprising importer of innovative health products from its founder in Japan, now for sale within Thailand. The products that our company imports into Thailand include hydrogen drinking water machines, supplements from vegetable extracts as well as a variety of new and innovative fruit and skin care products.

In particular, our company is proud to be a big part of promoting healthy hydrogen drinking water ever since the Japanese people highlighted the importance of the miracle health benefits of drinking hydrogen water. This new health break-through alone is potentially worth billions of yen and at the same time, it has received positive worldwide attention as well. As a result of our research, we now produce hydrogen products for use in Thailand which ensure that our customers receive the many health benefits of hydrogen peroxide which in turn result in a much better quality of life.

Our Vision

“We are dedicated to delivering innovative health products
that will meet all the needs of the Thai people forevermore.”

Shuji Kimura
Chairman of the Executive Committee