Saint Labo Aqua Fulviec is an all-in-one gel which has a high content of fulvic acid which is a natural ingredient that works to remove melanin and lighten skin color.

Also, 10 types of moisturizing essences will give your skin plenty of moisture and prevent aging.


Features of redeveloped Aqua Fulviec:

1. Containts high grade of redeveloped all-in-one gel.

2. Contains 10 moisturizers.

3. No 6 addictive substances

How to use:

Before putting on makeup or after a bath, apply the appropriate amount.

High Grade Fulvic Acid

This redeveloped all-in-one gel contains high grade fulvic acid.
Since the color of fulvic acid is dark green, when it combines with other ingredients, that ingredient’s color will become slightly dull.

Contains 10 beauty ingredients such as fulvic acid

From the moment you apply the gel to your skin, it will eventually dry into your skin. 10 different ingredients will make your skin look moist, fresh and healthy.

No 6 addictive substances

As daily skin care, this redeveloped all in one gel has no 6 addictive substances making you feel safe and comfortable.